February 6, 2008

the polite dance song.

I should be buying more skirts because ...

[facehunter, luella (x2), mk & proenza schouler].

And so, my next purchase will be ...

[american apparel, thirty five dollars].



Wendy said...

I wanted that skirt from AA in that same color up until I bought a similar in black for cheaper. I want more skirts too.

Kenny Surtani said...

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coco said...

That skirt is so cute
I really want a pink or orange high waisted

jadorevogue said...

Love all your picks. I'm becoming more fond of skirts, both flowy skating skirts and body-con. I'll probably buy a few for summer.
American Apparel have a few great choices - love the navy one.

lily said...

that skirt is great, yh 2 girls I know just bought it


i love american apparel. i pretty much live in that store to get all of my basics! and i love your header!

Ali said...

j'adore la jupe! i pretty much want it in every colour available.
beyond fab blog btw

a. said...

i love that skirt. are you getting it in the navy?

i love its sheen & shape.

AA always seems to make my most favourite & most worn pieces.


dress for the image said...

thanks for the comment! i am finding it tough but love it so i am keeping it going!

that sjirt from aa is lovely btw. tried it on and feel in love but had no money!

DandyWarhol said...

i used to want that skirt like mad!

i know a really repulsive girl who bought it and wears it terribly shamefully.

it is ruined pour moi, however i am confident you can make it WERK! it is lovely!

thank you for stopping by my blog, i love yours and look forward to more reading!


gem fatale said...

I adore that skirt! I've wanted it for ages. AA is just too expensive these days though. Especially in this country. It used to be sooo cheap!

Nice blog x