February 9, 2008

permanent monday.

American Apparel has recently come out with a poster-sized calendar made up entirely of the best images from their archives.

The artfully provocative images are showcased on the website & in stores, but now that they're available to shoppers, why not put it to good use & sex up your home office?

The back of the poster is a blown up image shot in black & white. I wouldn't call it vulnerable, but it isn't full out pornography either - a happy medium, we'll call it.

At only three dollars, this piece is not only a cumulation of promiscuous images, but also a collector's piece.



Ali said...

AA is always too cool for words
i saw this calendar yesterday & fell in love

Isabel said...

3$? That owns. I totally want one now!

Wendy said...

I want one but have no idea where I would put this.

discothequechic said...

oh, wish I could have a closer peek, this sounds rather intriguing!

I love AA.

And equally, I love that they're all about bum cracks and edge..


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh I want that, their ads are so sexual though;)

molly said...

wow three dollars! great deal..i wish we had it here!

a. said...

omg i must have one...NOW!

Heather said...

This could be interesting! I'd put it on my dorm door.

coco said...

thats really cool
i like the idea a lot!

Lola Eliza. said...

I pretty much read your whole blog
and have concluded that your are

Romany said...

Oooh that's cool! We don't have American Apparel over here in Australia, but if their clothes are as good as their calendars I might have to start e-shopping. ;)
Loving your blog, btw...The header is simply amazing...How did u do it??
Oh and I also love Lazaro and Jack! :)

Anonymous said...

hah! that fold out black and white girl is some girl who goes to my college.