December 5, 2007

i want to pick pears from the cherry tree.

I think you've probably heard of a little man named Marc Jacobs. The man responsible for the newly remodeled monogramed LVs, the delightfully amusing topsy-turvy heels, the Stam bag, the Daisy perfume, and the soon-to-be reinvention of a little fox I like to call Vikki Beckham. The thing is, anything he touches becomes instantly cool. He tried his hand at grunge, and before we knew it, dark plaids & thick knits were back in. He was inspired by the girl with the pearl earring, and we even bought that. There's just something about little MJ that makes us bend over backwards for anything his newly-glamified self does. Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that maybe our cutest-favourite-designer-of-alltime has taken his makeover a tad too far lately?

Don't get me wrong, I've always loved him, and although I contemplated hating him when he wasted a whole Vuitton season on nurse outfits, he won me back with his namesake's '08 resort collection [which is adorable, I really recommend you check it out].

But just look at him, for a split second. He has washboard abs. He's as dark as Donatella. He's a walking Abercrombie advertisement, for god's sake. Since when has the cutest, quirkiest little man ever become, ahem, a sex symbol? It just doesn't feel right. I can't say I've been tracking his evolution, because I only decided to notice it by the time things had gotten much too far. The blue hair might have been the drop which made the glass overflow - however you say that.

My favourite MJ moment was when he showed himself at the end of his Spring '07 collection, flaunting a newly firm body, but still keeping with his original look: longish hair; thick oversized seeing glasses; and a nifty mickey mouse tee. Honestly, he looked like a sk8terboi from LA with baggy pants & sneakers. Now, on the other hand, he looks like a mix between Karl Lagerfeld & Tommy Hilfiger - chic, but still happy, at least.

And that is, after all, what really matters. Out of rehab, he's obviously now a much healthier person, and the longer we can benefit of new Marky Marc's designs, the better, if you know what I mean. Don't you go dying on us anytime soon, got it, MJ?

That being said, let's all pray that he's not, dare I say it, selling out. When he handpicked Dakota Fanning as the model for his recent ads, some fans were annoyed: after all, why would a thirteen (or is she twelve?) -year-old girl get the privilege of modelling clothing that is so, important, for women & men alike around the world. And now, what's this I hear about Miss Soccer-Stud's Wife? I suppose it could be interesting. Juergen Teller could photograph her without any makeup, sporting nothing other than 'Look Ten' from his S/S 08 collection (yes, you guessed it, the lavender football-jersey-meets-nightie). I still have faith.

I must be irritating. First with my Cory Kennedy rant, and now this. Take no offense, Marc, for I love you dearly, I guess I just can't stand how fabulous you look lately. You're like the male version of Naomi Campbell these days, what with your pierced ears & your charming buzz cut. Plus, if ever the whole diet & excercise thing goes terribly wrong, and you start looking like yourself circa 04, you are now assured that everyone will still love you just as much as they did when you first popped up on their radar (which is very good to know, isn't it?). Besides, Marc, you know very well that everybody loves everything you do. The cute little perfume bottles adorned with bows are a definite favourite of mine (as are the sleek Splash scents). One of the most spectacular shows of alltime was your S/S of 06, with the marching band & the baton girl as your opening. The clothes in that show were amazing: I longed for a slightly-too-long navy blue blazer & a tiered lace ivory wedding-like dress (paired with creamy elbow-length gloves) for much too long.

All this to say, you do great Marc Jacobs, you really do. Just don't look too good while you're at it.


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Heather said...

oy vey. I really miss geeky pale little Marc...