December 23, 2007

bonified lovin.

You know how the days before Christmas are supposed to blissfully go by? Peaople are blissfully unaware of everything, their surroundings, their responsabilities. It's sheer bliss. Bliss, I tell you. Well, not for me. You want to hear what my pretty little self did today? I experimented with a couple different shampoos in my shower - Head & Shoulders, Sunsilk and Herbal Essences. I know it's terrible for my hair, but that's just it, I'm in a self-destructive mood lately. I'm wearing the same thing I wore yesterday, and although my feet are freezing, I just can't seem to bring myself to travel all the way upstairs to get my slippers. Without thinking, I even downloaded the new Britney Spears song. Although I don't recall the name of it, nor the rythm, nor any of the lyrics, I only remember it was quite repetitive & not of my taste. Which made me regret having downloaded it in the first place. That was pretty much the day's ongoing theme: Nothing I did was productive in the least.

I figure, since I just wasted twelve hours of my life, why not put my thoughts to good use & post something on the blog. After all, frustration must abound regarding our slight inconsistency when posting these days. To add to that, I recently realized that I've yet to post a cumulation of my thoughts, for mostly my posts are lists, rants or objects of desire. Besides, I have nothing better to do.

Firstly, let me profess my love for Melanie Huynh. The assistant stylist at Paris Vogue, Huynh has become a Sartorialist all-star, and rightly so.

She demonstrates a sort of restrained elegance and aptitude for looking completely un-calculated at all times. Also, she always seems to manage showcasing her infinitely long & slender legs, while keeping her upper-body relatively covered up, abiding to a fashion rule that Lil Kim has, unfortunately, never understood.

You can tell she's Carine's coworker, but mostly, you wouldn't say she's her understudy. Melanie has a look that's all her own: She seems to stray from It-Bags, she constantly injects a little edge to her outfits, and her pseudo-dominatrix ankle boots really do make her admirable. This Paris Vogue minion is one to watch.

Secondly, I'd like to take some time to show off my new cardi. It was a Christmas gift for a friend, & I must say, I'm already dreaming up limitless possibilities as to how I can wear this gem. At the moment, I'm guilty of the leggings-as-pants look, but since the cardigan is oversized (get this: men's department), it's not as naughty as L.Lo's usual attire, I hope. Did I mention it's cashmere blend? Mmmm.

Speaking of which, don't you just love Ali & Lindsay Lohan? The hair extensions, the fur, the freshly manicured nails, the overuse of bronzer - if that isn't glamour, I don't know what is. These are the girls who killed the McQueen skull scarf, even though it was slowly rotting away anyways. Tasty.

Lastly, Erin Wasson is clever and hot. A shirtless Steve Aoki prancing around in the background: not so much.



Sister Libby said...

God, I love that sweater.
And your day sounded a bit like mine. I'm glad someone else is as much of a slob as I am.
Not that your a slob. I mean it in the best way.

a. said...

why on earth did you find that perfect cardigan?

i must get one! :]

& um the lohans? ew much? gross.

melanie huynh on the other hand? delicious.


oh & ps. love the new header!

a. said...

where, i meant where on earth did you find that cardigan?


Sage said...

i l-o-v-e Erin Wasson. shes one of my fav.models!

SICK. said...

the cardi was a gift from my friend - from old navy, believe it or not !


sarirah said...

lohan+lohan sista = stupidgirls.
they're both so gaaah, i can not even explain how ugly and fake and too much like twins that i know of. haha
great entry :]

the iron chic said...

yeah. Lohan is getting orangier and orangier every time I see her. She basically already looks like a 40 year old cougar.

teenfashionista said...

I think sweaters from the men's department manage to be a little cooler and even more chic than a typical cardigan... yours is fantastic!