September 22, 2007

You want it, she's got it.

Everybody knows how devastating it is to feel sick. You start thinking of all the things that could have been done in a day's time, and then realize that you're unable to function, hence them not being done. I have never been satisfied with a sick day, and today is no different. So I told myself, at the very least, I'll post something on the blog. Then I started brainstorming, which I often do. It's an easy way to compile a list of ideas, of things you wish to acomplish, of items you hope to purchase, of anything, really. This very list is entitled, Necessities.

1. This black bag, from Forever21. It looks like it would last a lifetime & fit anything I need. It's simplicity doesn't take away from the fact that it's fashionable.
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2. I haven't talked about American Apparel for a while. I suppose its basics needn't be mentioned in most cases. But in this case, the zip-up hoodie in forest green is undeniably a necessity. The colour strays from 'vibrant hipster kid', and leans instead towards a more mature, but still happy palette. Who knew a dark, rich green could match with just about anything in your wardrobe? It should also be said that I'm dying to finally purchase a pair of super-long black leggings, because I never did get around to that back in '06 when pairing them with distressed denim minis was de rigueur.
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3. A nice, simple, cosy grey scarf. There's nothing better to wrap around your neck, especially this season, since monochromatic hues are so big.
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4. Mocassin booties aren't winter boots, but they're a Fall staple. Tiny & slipper-like they can look amazing paired with dark-wash jeans, or even with tights & a tiny dress. I love them because they're not all-out mocassins, with pom-poms & feathers & pieces of animal skin hanging off them. They're earthy but still feminine.
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5. Anything studded, really.
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Well, I'm off to sip on some green tea & nibble on non-salted soda crackers. All the while dreaming of all these beautiful, necessary things.



Katie Rosemary said...

hope you're feeling better soon! I'm also loving those mocassin boots, perfect for the cold but dry autumn days

Isabel said...

You would look like the most fashionable hippie ever if you bought the earthy hoodie and wore them with moccasin boots!

a. said...

last time i was at urban i saw a gorgeous pair of mocassins on sale.
but i bought the jazz shoes instead.
maybe i should have got both...
both those bags are to die for. esp. the last. it looks like the ysl downtown bag. is it?
& really you can get better than american apparel.
so loving your blog - im going to link you.
hope you get better soon, darling.

xx a.

a. said...

& really you can't get better than american apparel.


Fabulousi-tee. said...

that sweatshirt comes in tons of great colors, but i just got forest and love it. cheers.

Candid Cool said...

who is the studded bag from?

dreamecho said...

this is a great selection! but wait...this bears a remarkable resemblance to the list i have running in my head... hmmmm. have you hacked into my brain? :)

and do tell where the studded shoes and bag are from :)

SICK. said...

the studded shoes & bag are both from delias.

dreamecho said...

thanks! i was flipping through my delias catalog the other day and also found a cool plastic, big studded bracelet.