September 6, 2007

Lovely to see you.

This is it. Fashion week has landed upon us, begging us to bathe in all it's chaotic glory. What I wouldn't give to be front row at Preen or Vena Cava, but alas, I haven't got $600+ to drop on tickets. So instead, I'm stuck gawking at pixellized images of beautiful runway shows on the internet along with every other fashion obsessed girl out there. I've compiled a tiny taste of the best, just to whet your appetite. (And instead of thanking me, you can simply wipe up the gratuitous pile of drool on your keyboard.) Enjoy.
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Loved:The nails at Charlotte Ronson, Freja's new hair at Rag & Bone, the colours at Vena Cava, the photography at Marchesa, and the runway at Y&Kei.

PS - From this day on, you can expect a daily update of Fashion Week courtesy of yours truly.