September 13, 2007

Pretend like it's the weekend.


I honestly thought that one lone picture of a fashionable couple was all I was going to be able to come up with to prove my theory that they're adorable and stylish. You know, just me rambling on & on about an image that will never really follow through - them looking good once or twice thanks to their (blessed) stylist, and then my obsession with them fading away, which will probably be the case with Helena Christensen or Shia LaBoeuf in the near future.
Anyways, I'm pleased to say that in this case, I was right - The two of them actually are fashion savvy. Please, I ask you to ignore my lack of terminology [fashion savvy? wow.] & simply stare in admiration.
Also, let's pretend Joshua doesn't overdose on the hippie scarves. Because let's face it, they look better on him than on Ashlee Simpson, so that kind of gives him the right to wear them, um, constantly. Yes.


I would kill for these Giusseppe Zannoti shoes. Smashing.

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