July 27, 2007

They're going to clean up your looks.

I am really quite excited for the Gossip Girl TV show. I'm especially amped to see the cast alltogether. We already know who's playing who, but will the whole collaboration work out? Anyways, all I know is I'm getting the CW network on my TV before this Fall to be able to follow the series.

Blair Waldorf: Leighton Meester
Serena van der Woodsen: Blake Lively
Isabel: Nicole Fiscella
Jenny Humphrey: Taylor Momsen
[the four girls are here, in order]

Nathaniel Archibald: Chace Crawford.
[what is this? seriously. i was expecting, i don't know, brad pitt & kate moss' lovechild. chace crawford? wow, i may just fall in love with dan this time 'round.]

Daniel Humphrey: Penn Badgley.
[now this, this is the exciting part. i love penn badgley. i fell in love with him in john tucker must die. okay, so i saw john tucker must die. that doesn't make me any less of a critic. does it?]

Eric van der Woodsen: Connor Paolo.
[hmm, i'm confused. i thought eric was older than serena. i thought he was built and had a chiseled jaw & a gorgeous toothy smile. this kid is sixteen & well, doesn't really look the part. of course, there are really any recent pictures, so we'll just have to wait & see. this photo is circa 2004.]

Kati Farkas: Nan Zhang.
[this girl is gorgeous.]

Chuck: Ed Westwick.
[i can see that...]

I'm aboslutely loving the choice for Dan, Blair & Serena. The rest I'm pretty neutral about. Except for I'm dissapointed with Nate & Eric, sadly. I mean, they're cute, but I expected, hum, better.



Anonymous said...

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Isabel said...

Baha, I hate spammers. Unfortunately, I really hate Gossip Girl too. It's just so... teen-y! I still adore your blog though!