July 25, 2007

This one goes out to all the reds & yellows & blues.

I went shopping with my friend Sarah today. And boy did it feel good. It's not that I hadn't been in such a long time [which I hadn't], it's simply that it was a very successful day. As successful as it could be for me heading out with zero dollars to my name. How is that even possible? Well, I shopped. And I shopped, and I shopped, and I shopped. No, I didn't happen to purchase anything, but I truly analyzed & scavenged the whole mall. And here are the items I loved the most:

Old Navy was surprisingly amazing. I find the prices are rising there, but so is the quality, and with that comes an excelent array of clothing styles that simply cannot be matched. I mean, who else who come up with a short sleeved bright blue cardigan held together by two thick buttons right below the chest? I say, Old Navy is the place to go for ideas, and, well, basics. I like these;

Old Navy Sateen Trenchcoats, about fifty dollars Canadian.

Old Navy button-down shirt.

Old Navy Collegiate Sweatpants.

Then came Payless Shoe Source. How specatcular my visit there was! The best part is that the Abaeté collection wasn't really worth all the hype, it's just the other pieces that won me over. All of their heels are quite sturdy & classic, revamping looks such as the maryjane or the t-strap. Pretty much all the shoes are simply phenomenal, especially the following;

Booties, which I prefer in gray, since I own a very similar pair in black.

The new & improved maryjane.

The very [maybe too] high riding-esque boots.

Bright red t-straps.

And very classic suede booties.

Next stop, Urban Behavior, which was kind of in my bad books since the appearance of lace-trimmed camis & everything leopard pring on their racks. But now they've regained my trust since removing their men's line [What kind of man relies on Urban Behaviour to supply their clothing, really?] which added a lot of space to store things like metallic mini dresses & electric blue jeans. Unfortunately they don't have pictures of said items on the site, but I liked these too;

Gold sailor shorts.

A nice riding jacket for Fall.

High waisted black shorts to be worn with... anything.

Also, American Apparel, nicknamed A², was stupendous. I mean, everytime I go in there it's like a plethora of colours leaping towards me, and some amazing song playing in the background [I really must find out who manages their music playlist, it is phenomenal. Makes me happy everytime.] Plus they have the most adorable salespeople, one of which is a young boy who wears his skinny jeans like no other. Anyways, today's favourites were, drumroll please;

The very pretty raglan cardigan.

And anything, I mean ANYTHING v-neck.

And last but not least, MAC cosmetics. I always like everything in there, really. But this time around, I set my eyes on one specific item, the pigment.

It is perfect. It is, a miracle.


PS: Every single one of Ottawa's cute boys were on the prowl today, I swear. What, did you guys all tell yourselves, let's meet at Rideau & make girls stare? Because really, that's what happened. You had the kids on their BMX bikes with their Volcom hats & insanely vibrant graphic tees. You had the boys who don't try that hard, wearing simple striped shorts, but still look amazing. You had the guys with the most amazing shoes - ever. The blondes [a lot of blondes actually], the brunettes, the flamingly red heads. And even one particular gorgeous doctor [or nurse? he was in scrubs, to say the least] running to catch the bus. Anyways, it was quite the treat for the eyes, I must say.


mei's ad store said...

hi, nice picks! that cardigan is a great find, I'd love to own one of those :)

Tui said...

WOW! those shoes from payless are so cute! and usually shoes from payless aren't so cute...woh i need to go to payless!