May 22, 2007


You know the drill.

Not a big fan of the old, musky mocassin boots, but the hoodie is a sick color and props to the guy for wearing pointed-toe shoes.
This girl hails from Winnipeg, and I must say, it makes me proud to be Canadian. My favorite part are the vintage-like shoes.
I covet color-drenched jeans. Especially these bright blue ones.
Every bit of this makes me smile: The slouchy kelly green bag, the suede booties and the high-waisted minimalistic skirt paired with the sport tee. Brilliant.
How to pull off ultra-short-shorts: Silky smooth legs, a badass leather jacket and the most adorable bicycle.
Yes, cigarette pants, shimmery palette cardigans and Al Gore are overrated, but who says we don't love them all the better?
Canary yellow is my favorite color of clothing. And soon to be yours, too.
This guy is so fresh. You pop that collar, buddy.
Another droopy green bag? Paired with a boy who knows his fashion, and you've got my favorite couple to date.
Hm, so they weren't my favorite for long. It's not my fault I have a penchant for Nike and anything graphic.
In my opinion, this girl is Tinkerbell all grown up, she's even got the pixie boots to match.
House of Holland tees are now the new double-C bags - everywhere and anywhere. But that doesn't mean they're not ridiculously amazing. As is this guy.

Peace Out,


Emma said...

Cute post, and great blog as always.

kf said...

you guys found all these kids?

ugh, i'm kind of grossed out by House of Holland.

but, I'M ADDING YOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


L. said...

Hey! Yellow is my favourite colour at the moment. I finally found a shade I can wear so its parties all round. I also love the way you said props and sick in the same sentence. I officially love you. But not in a creepy way.